A6-EYE Takes Out Abu Dhabi Runway Lights, Cancellations & Diversions.

Airbus A330-200 A6-EYE lining up to operate EY45 Abu Dhabi – Dublin in low visibility lined up with the runway edge lights rather than the centreline. On commencement of the take off roll the nose wheel punctured and took out several of the lights. As a result...

A6-ETJ First Flight.

Boeing 777-3FXER A6-ETJ made its first test flight from Paine Field today as BOE093.

A6-EII Moscow Delay.

Airbus A320 A6-EII arrived into Moscow Domedodovo today as EY67 from Abu Dhabi however the return EY68 has been delayed until tomorrow when it will operate as EY68A.

A6-ETI Enters Service.

Boeing 777-3FXER A6-ETI entered service today operating EY408 Abu Dhabi – Bangkok.

A6-ETI Delivered.

Boeing 777-3FXER A6-ETI departed Paine Field on Delivery to Abu Dhabi today using callsign EY9042.

Etihad A340-500s for Venezuala?

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez today announced that Venezuela is to acquire four Airbus A340-500s from the United Arab Etihad for state airline Conviasa. Details given regarding the age of the aircraft indicates that these are Etihad’s A6-EHA – A6-EHD.

A6-EYL Returns from Kathmandu.

Airbus A330-200 A6-EYL positioned Kathmandu – Abu Dhabi today as EY293P. The aircraft returned to Kathmandu on 17th January after suffering an engine failure whilst operating EY293 to Abu Dhabi.

A6-AFB Operates Tripoli Inaugural.

Airbus A330-300 A6-AFB inaugurated a new Abu Dhabi – Tripoli rotation EY687/EY688 today. The route will normally be operated by Airbus A330-200 aircraft.

A6-EYL Kathmandu Engine Shutdown.

Airbus A330-200 A6-EYL operating EY293 Kathmandu – Abu Dhabi was forced to return to Kathmandu today after crew needed to shut down an engine.

A6-EYE Brussels Engine Shutdown.

Airbus A330-200 A6-EYE operating EY57 Abu Dhabi – Brussels was on approach to Brussels when shut down the left hand engine and declared PAN due to low oil pressure. The aircraft landed safely but the return EY58 service was cancelled.

A6-EYH Positions from Frankfurt.

Airbus A330-200 A6-EYH positioned Frankfurt – Abu Dhabi today as EY2P. The aircraft suffered an engine failure on departure from Frankfurt on 2nd January and returned there.

A6-EYH Frankfurt Engine Failure.

Airbus A330-202 A6-EYH operating EY2 Frankfurt – Dubai reportedly suffered an engine failure on take off from Frankfurt today. The aircraft levelled off at 16,000 feet and returned to Frankfurt to land safely. The flight was subsequently cancelled and passengers...