Etihad B777-300ER A6-ETO Takes Over EY450.

Following the earlier technical return of EY450 Abu Dhabi – Sydney to Abu Dhabi, the service was eventually operated this evening by Etihad Boeing 777-3FXER A6-ETO.

Etihad B777-300ER A6-ETL EY450 Abu Dhabi Technical Return.

Etihad Boeing 777-3FXER A6-ETL operating EY450 Abu Dhabi – Sydney stopped the climb at 4,000 ft due to an issue with the #1 engine, ingested parts from a burst tyre, and returned immediately to Abu Dhabi without burning off fuel for a safe landing. The aircraft...

Etihad Leased B777-300ER A6-JAD Abu Dhabi Test Flight.

Etihad leased Jet Airways Boeing 777-35RER A6-JAD undertook an Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi test flight as EY9010 this afternoon after arriving as EY418 from Bangkok and then entered the Abu Dhabi maintenance facility for end of lease maintenance.