Etihad A320 A6-EIC Returns from Bangalore.

Following its overnight delay, Etihad A320 A6-EIC departed Bangalore this morning operating yesterday’s delayed EY237 Bangalore – Abu Dhabi as EY237A.

Etihad A320 A6-EIC Overnight Bangalore Delay.

Etihad A320 A6-EIC operated EY236 Abu Dhabi – Bangalore this afternoon, however the return EY237 has been delayed overnight. It is not clear whether this is due to a technical or a crew issue.

Etihad B787-9 A6-BLK Delivered.

Etihad Boeing 787-9 A6-BLK was delivered Paine Field – Abu Dhabi this afternoon as EY9010. The aircraft is the eleventh Boeing 787-9 for the airline. It is in 28J/271Y configuration and wears Facets of Abu Dhabi livery.

Etihad A330-200 A6-EYI Abu Dhabi Test Flight.

Etihad A330-200 A6-EYI, which has been under maintenance at Abu Dhabi since 20th December 2016, undertook an Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi test flight this afternoon as EY9012.

Etihad A321 A6-AEC EY231 Lahore and Abu Dhabi Diversions.

Etihad A321 A6-AEC operating EY231 Abu Dhabi – Islamabad (depart Abu Dhabi 18th January) diverted to Lahore this morning due to weather at Islamabad. The aircraft then returned to Abu Dhabi early this morning before setting off again for Islamabad mid morning...

Etihad A330-200 A6-EYR EY833 Hong Kong Technical Return.

Etihad A330-200 A6-EYR operating EY833 Hong Kong – Abu Dhabi initially stopped the climb at 6,000 ft this evening due to a technical issue then spent four and a half hours in three different holds at between 4,000 ft and 11,000 ft before returning to Hong Kong...

Etihad A321 A6-AEI Continues from Ankara.

Following its double diversion yesterday, Etihad A321 A6-AEI departed Ankara late this morning routing Ankara – Istanbul as EY96A. The aircraft then operated yesterday’s delayed EY96 Istanbul – Abu Dhabi as EY96B.

Etihad A321 A6-AEI EY97 Bourgas and Ankara Diversions.

Etihad A321 A6-AEI operating EY97 Abu Dhabi – Istanbul diverted firstly to Bourgas this afternoon due to long weather based hold times at Istanbul then further diverted to Ankara due to further snowfall at Istanbul.

Etihad A380 A6-APJ First Flight.

Etihad A380 A6-APJ made its first flight from Toulouse today wearing test registration F-WWAR and positioned Toulouse – Finkenwerder.

Etihad A320 A6-EIT EY290 Delhi Weather Diversion.

Etihad A320 A6-EIT operating EY290 Abu Dhabi – Kathmandu diverted via Delhi this afternoon due to weather at Kathmandu. Crew did not have sufficient hours to return to Abu Dhabi so the aircraft will overnight at Kathmandu.

Etihad A320 A6-EIY Returns from Seychelles.

Following the technical issue it encountered yesterday, Etihad A320 A6-EIY departed Seychelles early this afternoon operating yesterday’s delayed EY621 Seychelles -Abu Dhabi as EY621B.